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Jawatan kosong terkini di Smart College April 2017. Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada warganegara Malaysia yang berumur 18 tahun ke atas pada tarikh tutup iklan jawatan dan berkelayakan untuk mengisi kekosongan jawatan kosong terkini di Smart College sebagai :


Tarikh tutup permohonan 22 April 2017
Lokasi : Kuala Lumpur
Sektor : Swasta

Jawatan Kosong


SMART College is the only approved private college in Malaysia that offer diplomas in the field of Enforcement, Investigation, Protection Management, Occupational Safety & Compliance.

We are actively recruiting new staff that can help contribute to the development of Smart College as a centre of excellence in the education and innovative research center in our specialized areas.

SMART College is a lively, engaging and very innovative community that enjoys the reputation of being one of the most admired young private college in Malaysia.

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