Jawatan kosong terkini di Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad (Bank Rakyat) Jun 2016. Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan untuk mengisi kekosongan jawatan kosong di Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad (Bank Rakyat) sebagai

1. Sales Executive 

2. Sales Executive

Tarikh tutup permohonan 30 Jun 2016
Lokasi : Pelbagai Negeri
Sektor : Berkanun

Jawatan Kosong Bank Rakyat

At Bank Rakyat, we believe that transformation of the Bank from a conventional banking system to a banking system based on Syariah is what drives us to be one of the biggest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia. Established on 28 September 1954 under the Cooperative Ordinance 1948, Bank Rakyat has enabled to record assets totaling RM79.21 billion as well as pre-tax and pre-zakat profit of RM2.11 billion at the end of 2012.

Act as the pioneer in Islamic cooperative banking industry, Bank Rakyat continuously extend the product line such as i-Aslah (personal financing), al-Manzili (home financing), al-Falah (education financing), Aitab (car financing) and Ar-Rahnu (pawn broking) as well as serve better customer facilities in order to cope with high demand from customers. Our performance had received various recognitions either from local or global. We are looking for those who seek for a brighter future in realizing their dreams in the Islamic banking industry.

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